Getting Started

Welcome to the Lunch Money knowledge base!

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I just signed up for Lunch Money. What now?

Congratulations on starting your 30-day trial with Lunch Money! (If you haven't already yet, head over to to register today.)

After you've gone through the onboarding, you'll have your basic categories, display and currency settings set up. The first thing you'll want to do after this depends on if you linked an account for automatic bank syncing.

Set up accounts

If you didn't link an account for automatic bank syncing, you'll want to head over to the Accounts page and start by adding some of your most frequently used accounts– this could be a credit card or a checking/savings accounts. The idea is when you start to add transactions, you can link them properly to an account.

Categorize transactions

If you have already linked an account for automatic bank syncing, you'll want to head over to the Transactions page and start categorizing/organizing your transactions. As you do this, you can choose whether or not to create rules based on these changes. This will take some time initially but eventually, you'll barely need to do manual work to organize transactions!

Set your budget

Head over to the Budgets page and start setting your monthly budget! If you've categorized your transactions, you should see historical data based on your spending and this can help you figure out what your budget should be for the upcoming month.

Analyze your spending

Once your transactions are organized properly, head over to the Analyze page and view a report of your spending over time. You can also view charts and compare between datasets. Doing this gives you an overview of your Lunch Money and can help you figure out what your goals are, or where you might have mis-organized some transactions.

Invite your partner

Do you share your expenses with a partner? Invite them to collaborate on your budget on Lunch Money! You can invite any number of collaborators from the Settings page and they will have full access to your Lunch Money data while each having their own individual login.

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