Collaborate on a budget with your partner on Lunch Money!

To get started, you will need to create a budget account with a personal Lunch Money account. As the admin of the shared budget account, you'll be inviting others to collaborate through their own personal accounts. That means you’ll be managing the same budget with the same bank accounts, assets and other settings, but each through their own account and login. When collaborating, you’ll also be able to see and track who linked which account and who added which transaction.

You can collaborate with any number of people on a budget, as the price you pay is per budget, not per person. Only the admin of the budget requires an active Lunch Money subscription, meaning that a collaborator can manage the shared budget without the need for their own subscription.

Inviting a collaborator:

To invite someone to collaborate on a budget, go to Settings, and under the Collaborators card, enter their email address to send them an invite link.

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