Unlimited Budgeting Accounts

Lunch Money supports unlimited budgeting accounts per subscription! Create additional budgets to track different aspects of your life, collaborate with different people and even use as a developer sandbox account! The possibilities, like your budgets, are limitless.

How does it work?

Each budgeting account has one admin user whose paid subscription supports the budgeting account. Once this budgeting account is created, they can invite unlimited collaborators to this account.

A budgeting account is an isolated budget with its own transactions, accounts, categories, tags, etc, and its data cannot be accessed by another budgeting account.

A user who is only collaborating on other users' budgeting accounts does not need their own paid subscription. At any time, collaborators may create their own budget, thereby becoming an admin user and requiring a paid subscription. A collaborator who creates their first budget automatically receives a free 14-day trial.

How do I create a new budgeting account?

On the web app, locate the green circle to the left of the "Logout" button. This will invoke the "Switch Account" pop-up wherein you can view all your budgeting accounts and create new ones. You will also find any pending invitations to existing budgets here.

What are some use cases for creating multiple budgeting accounts?

Some users find it helpful to separate budgeting accounts by different aspects of their life. For example, you may have your own personal budget, a shared budget with a partner and a budget for your business.

Some developers may also find it useful to create a separate budgeting account as a developer sandbox account!

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