Affiliate Program

The Lunch Money affiliate program will earn you 10% commission on recurring invoices for each referred user.

What's the difference between the Affiliate Program and the Referral Program?

The Affiliate Program and Referral Program are similar in that they provide the same rewards: a 10% commission on every referred user and 1 extra month of trial for the new user.

The two main differences between the Affiliate Program and the Referral Program are who can sign up and how the reward is paid out.

Should I use the referral program or affiliate program?

Individual paying subscribers who don't foresee having more than 10 referrals should stick with our referral program since you get the rewards right away. Some users might find they benefit from a high discount on a monthly subscription instead of an annual subscription.

People, publications or businesses with a larger sphere of influence may benefit more from our Affiliate Program.

How do I sign up to be an affiliate?

We are using FirstPromoter to provide you with a very detailed dashboard of your up-to-date stats, self-serve ways to manage payouts and ability to create multiple referral links.

To become an affiliate, sign up with this link:

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