Recurring Transactions

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The relationship between transactions and recurring items in Lunch Money is important to understand. In Lunch Money, transactions represent a singular expense or income to a particular account. If a transaction is linked to a recurring item, that transaction represents that period’s payment for the recurring item.

Once a transaction is linked to a recurring item, it cannot be further split or grouped. A recurring transaction will be in a final state and will inherit the same merchant (payee) and description (notes) as defined in the recurring item that it is associated with. With that said, while you can't split or group a recurring transaction, you can split or group the transaction beforehand, and then link to the recurring item.

A recurring transaction’s font will change to teal, and a recurring icon will appear next to the amount field on the Transactions page:

Linking recurring transactions to recurring items

Once you have created your recurring item(s) on the Recurring page, any recurring transactions can then be linked to represent a period’s payment. Eg. If you set up a Recurring expense that occurs twice a month, the expectation is two linked transactions per month.

Automatic linking (via rules)

Newly created transactions will automatically link to recurring items if they match the recurring rules set up. If the rule is missing, the transactions would have to be manually linked to the recurring items.

Existing transactions that are edited to match a rule will not automatically link to recurring items unless the rule has the “Run rule on transaction updates” setting enabled.

You can view all rules on the Rules page, under Setup. To view only the recurring rules, click on “Recurring Rules” from the menu on the left.

Manual linking

Recurring transactions can also be linked manually via the Transactions page. To learn more about linking or creating recurring transactions, please see here.

Viewing linked recurring transactions

From the Recurring page, you are able to access filtered views of the recurring transactions associated with the recurring items.

To get a quick look at all transactions linked to a recurring item only within the current month view, locate the recurring item in the table and then click on the magnifying glass icon to the far-right of the row:

To view all past transactions (from all periods) linked to a recurring item:

  1. Locate the recurring item in the table and click on the arrow on the far-right of the row

  2. In the ‘Edit Recurring Item’ panel, click on the “View past recurring transactions’ button.

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