Primary Currency

The primary currency will be the currency in which all totals and summaries are displayed in Lunch Money. For example, if your primary currency is USD and you have transactions in EUR and CAD, your budget summaries, account summaries, charts, and all other totals will show up as USD.

Typically, this is the currency that you instinctively think in, or the currency that most of your money is in. You can change your primary currency at any time from the Settings page.

Supported currencies

When you have multicurrency enabled, all editable amount fields in Lunch Money will show up with a dropdown next to it. The currencies that are listed in this dropdown are denoted by the list of supported currencies that you set.

Note that you don’t have to have a currency in your list of supported currencies for it to show up in Lunch Money. For instance, if you had EUR as a supported currency at one point and you have a few transactions in euros, and you decide to move EUR from your list of supported currencies, your euro transactions will not be affected. The only thing that will be affected is the currency dropdown when adding or editing amounts.

Currency exchange rate

Lunch Money uses historic currency exchange rates to calculate amounts in your primary currency. Every day, we fetch the latest exchange rates for over 160 different currencies. This ensures that a transaction made in Feb 2019 and a transaction made in Aug 2019 both reflect the true currency exchange rate of that day.

If for some reason, we did not get a currency exchange rate for a particular rate, we will fall back on the closest day’s exchange rate.

My currency isn't listed!

If you have a currency that you’d like to see listed, let us know at and we will do our best to get it added!

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