Manual Category Creation

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If you choose the "Start fresh" path when first setting up your Lunch Money account, you will be prompted with the option to select some predefined categories to get you started. Otherwise, you would start with an empty Categories page.

Setting up the categories is typically done manually, either in advance on the Categories page, directly from any transaction on the Transactions page, or as part of the CSV import process.

An auto-categorization feature is also made available once you’ve had some transactions synced from a connected banking institution.

How to create a category from the Categories page

  1. Open the Categories page

  2. Click on the orange "Add new category" button

  1. In the table, a new row will be created. Type a category name (obligatory), type a description (optional), and enable any of the category properties if relevant.

  2. To save the new category, click on the little green "Add" button on the right side of the row, or press 'Enter' on the keyboard.

How to create a category from the Transactions page

  1. Open the Transaction page

  2. In the table, click on the category cell for any of the transactions and type the name of the new category. Given that the name of the category doesn't already exist, an option to add the category will appear:

  1. Click on "Add [New Category Name]" and a confirmation dialog will appear.

  2. In the confirmation dialog, click on the green “Yes, Create” button to confirm.

The new category will be created and assigned to the transaction from which it was created.

Please note that new categories created from the transactions page will always be treated as basic expense category and will not have any of the category properties enabled.

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