Institution-specific Issues

Tangerine (Canada)

There are definitely ongoing syncing issues between Tangerine and Plaid for some time now as many Tangerine users. The general understanding is that Tangerine seems to send transaction updates once every 5 to 9 days, and a relink (re-entering your one-time passcode) is required to get those updates.

Plaid is aware of the issue with Tangerine but no fix date has been issued.

A Lunch Money user (shout out to Masha!) has shared this technique in our community Discord for getting Tangerine to sync. They write the following:

I think I finally found a reliable way to force Tangerine to import transactions! Requires having 2 accounts. Ideally you don’t care much about the second one (in case something gets messed up). For me, the main one is Checking, and the burner one is Savings. From the Accounts screen:

  1. “Add or remove accounts from this bank.” - “Relink to Tangerine”.

  2. Click through Plaid screens with “Continue” and “Allow”.

  3. Enter one-time code.

  4. Uncheck Savings account.

  5. You will get a pop-up alert that Tangerine has lost the connection to the Savings account. Don’t close the window yet!

  6. From the same alert window, “Relink to Tangerine”.

  7. Click through Plaid’s Continue/Allow pages once again.

  8. Enter new one-time code.

  9. Make sure both accounts are checked.

  10. LM will detect a new account (Savings). Set earliest import date to today (or whenever it imported transactions last) and confirm you want to merge with an existing deactivated Savings account.

  11. This will trigger a pull for the latest transactions from Checking as well.

I believe this has to do with the fact that Tangerine will not release new transactions without entering a one-time code. It was the same way with Mint, refreshing the account prompted for a verification code. What does NOT work for transactions and at best updates the balance:

  • “Trigger refresh for this account” from the account’s screen.

  • “Refresh” button from the Transactions screen.

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