Are there plans for a mobile app?

We don't currently have concrete development plans for a mobile app. Read more about why we're choosing to be web-first!
Lunch Money is maintained by a one-woman team, and right now, we're focused on rounding out the product through improvements and new features based on user feedback. We're committed to maintaining high quality and usability on Lunch Money!
Our current strength is our speed of development and iteration. Once we start supporting more than one platform, development will be slowed down. Therefore, it's imperative that we focus mainly on improving the product so that when and if we do eventually support a mobile app, we can be sure we're creating a mobile app based on a fully fleshed-out product.
We understand that a mobile solution is important to our users! It is one of our most highly-requested features. For full transparency, we are likely going to spend time on creating a Lunch Money PWA or a companion app supporting basic features before considering a full parity native mobile app.
All that being said, Lunch Money works best as a web app accessed via a larger-sized screen. We are the tool of choice for many serious budgeters as the extra screen real estate allows for the bigger picture to be conveyed and understood quicker. As such, casual or passive budgeters may not find our solution to suit their needs.
Finally, we have a developer API which you can use to create your own companion app in the meantime!

How do I delete my account?

There are a few ways to initiate the complete deletion of your account and all its data from our servers.
First, there is a cancellation flow from the Billing page.
Second, all accounts that are 5 days past their trial expiration dates which do not have any billing information associated will automatically be purged.
Lastly, you can email us directly at [email protected] and we'll delete your account within 24 hours.
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Are there plans for a mobile app?
How do I delete my account?