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Referral Program

With the referral program, you can help spread the word about Lunch Money and earn rewards!

How does it work?

If you're logged in, you go to the Settings page (at the top right, next to the Logout button) and then hit "Refer".
From there, you have the option to copy and share a referral link with anyone you'd like, or you can enter their email address and we'll take care of the rest!
The referral link will land your friend onto the main Lunch Money marketing site and as long as they sign up within 14 days, you have a chance of earning rewards.
Upon signing up, we'll pop a message if your friend is signing up with a referral link!

Your friend's incentive

By signing up via your referral link, your friend will receive 1 free month on top of the existing trial.

What do I get for referring friends?

Right before your invoice is issued (a few days before your payment is due), we'll check everyone you've referred and what their current status is. You will get 10% off for every friend who is a paid subscriber.
That means if you've referred 10 friends and they're all active subscribers by the time your next invoice is issued, you'll get 100% off!
You can check the status of your referrals from the Refer page.

Who can use the Lunch Money referral program?

Only paid subscribers will benefit from the Lunch Money referral program. This is because you can only access your referral link via the dashboard which you gain access to after you create an account. Furthermore, for every referral, you get a discount on your next Lunch Money invoice, so you get to take advantage of savings right away.
Non-paying subscribers or non-Lunch Money users who want to earn rewards by referring users may want to check out our Affiliate Program.
Last modified 1yr ago